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Days of Our Lives Recap April 30, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap April 30, 2013

Alison Sweeney

Courtesy: Chris Haston
Evidence and a Cash Bonus

Sami and Sonny, who were searching Nick and Gabi's bedroom, freaked, when they heard Nick return to the Kirakis mansion. Adrienne tried to intercept him to no avail. Sami and Sonny hid in the closet, while Nick put the envelope full of cash that Vargas gave him in his brief case.

After Nick left, Sami and Sonny resumed their sleuthing. Sonny told Sami to take all the flash drives they found to her office. Then, he split, saying he'd arranged to meet Nick. Sami was stunned when she opened Nick's briefcase and found the wad of cash in it. She decided to take it. On her way out of the mansion, Sami ran into Adrienne, who said she wasn't too keen on abetting a crime she didn't know anything about. Sami sidestepped; then, thanked Adrienne for helping Will.

Nick arrived at the coffeehouse to meet Sonny. Sonny explained that Will's grades were slipping and he wasn't sleeping. It was the stress over the baby. Sonny wanted Nick to tell Will he wasn't going to stand in the way of him seeing his child. Nick said he didn't care about Will's GPA or sleeping problems. He only cared about Gabi and their baby. Then, he split to go meet Gabi.

File Found

Will showed up at EJ's office to see if there was any update on Sami's sleuthing. There wasn't. Will told EJ he was worried about having to pay back Stefano for the favor he was doing for him. EJ assured Will there was nothing to worry about. He'd deal with his father.

Soon, Sami arrived with Nick's flash drives, and she, Will and EJ started looking for the one containing Will's confession. Sonny showed up just as Will found the file. Sonny took the flash drives and headed back to the Kiriakis mansion to return them to Nick's room. Meanwhile, Will, Sami and EJ celebrated.

After Will left, things heated up between Sami and EJ. They were just about to have a little romp on EJ's desk, when Sami's purse fell and EJ spotted the wad of cash inside it.

Nick returned to the mansion, where Adrienne detained him, again. Sonny managed to slip out before Nick found him. Nick went to work on his computer, muttering that all he had to do was triple Vargas' money and he'd be off his back. Meanwhile, Sonny met Will at the coffeehouse, where they celebrated getting the evidence Nick was using to blackmail Will.

A Spat and a Confession

Marlena found John at the coffeehouse and asked him about his spat with Roman, as Victor looked on. John said he was glad to see her; then, handed Marlena back the storage unit key. Marlena told John she was tired of being treated this way by him. He advised her to go see Roman. “Maybe I will,” spat Marlena.

Victor approached John, noting they needed to talk. He knew John was concocting a plan involving Brady and Kristen, and he wanted to know what it was. John didn't want to discuss it. Victor insisted. John swore Victor to secrecy; then, said he'd finally figured out how to protect Brady from Kristen. He told Victor that he finally figured out that Kristen still wanted him.

John explained that he was going to seduce Kristen. “I'm going to sleep with her before Brady marries her,” noted John. “Then and only then will I be able to open my son's eyes to who she really is. ” Victor suggested killing Kristen instead. John said this was the only way. Victor noted that John would lose Marlena and Brady forever. John swore it was worth it to save Brady from Kristen.

Envelope Opened at Last

Before Kristen could open Ciara's special envelope, Hope interrupted. She need to talk to her daughter about the incident at school. After mother and daughter left, Brady asked what Ciara was talking to Kristen about. Kristen relayed how Ciara told her she'd gotten in trouble at school because of Kristen. Kristen assumed it had something to do with the envelope. “Show me what it is,” said Brady.

Kristen opened the envelope and found a card Ciara had made for Bo. Oops! The tyke obviously gave Kristen the wrong envelope. Brady explained how upset Ciara was that her father wasn't coming home yet. Brady mentioned how sweet Kristen's exchange with Ciara was. “You really wanted kids of your own, didn't you?” asked Brady. Kristen admitted she did, but knew it was never going to happen for her. Later, Brady made a mysterious phone call.

Meanwhile, Ciara freaked, when she realized she'd given Kristen the wrong envelope. Hope tried to talk to her about her problems at school, but Ciara didn't want to talk. She just wanted to draw more pictures. Marlena happened by and Hope told her about her problems with Ciara: she didn't want to talk about Bo and had become completely focused on Kristen. Marlena questioned Ciara about Kristen. Ciara said she liked Kristen, because she listened to her. Afterward, Marlena filled Hope in on how bad things had gotten with John.

Collateral Damage

Kristen returned home and told Stefano it was a lovely day. She was planning a wedding and exacting revenge. Stefano mentioned how attached Kristen seemed to Brady. Kristen admitted that Brady was “an amazing man” and she cared about him, but not as much as she loathed John. When she got her revenge, she'd finally be able to move on with her life. She told Stefano that she'd convinced John that she still wanted him. Her plan was to have Brady find her and John in bed together on their wedding day.

Stefano pointed out that Brady would never forgive Kristen for that. Kristen knew that and was sad. She never wanted to break his heart, but that was collateral damage. “Once it's done, I will have accomplished everything I came back to Salem to do,” she cooed.

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