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Days of Our Lives Recap for February 8, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for February 8, 2013

Melissa Reeves

Photo Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
The Set Up

Nick listened in via a planted recording device, as Will and Gabi discussed Will’s desire to get a paternity test. Meanwhile, Lucas received Nick’s cryptic text in the square. He promptly phoned Will and said they needed to meet at his office, pronto. Will left, and Nick followed. Gabi went up to her room and was surprised when she discovered Nick wasn’t there.

T walked into the coffeehouse and asked Sonny what was going on. He’d just heard that Will was going to be a dad. After Sonny explained, T said he was sorry and hoped Will and Sonny could work through this. Gabi arrived and things got awkward. T offered Gabi congratulations, noting that her baby was going to have an interesting life.

Gabi told Sonny she was looking for Nick, and the two immediately got into it. Sonny promised Gabi he was not going to let her hurt Will, again. “Are you kidding me?” retorted Gabi. “You’ve already hurt Will more than I ever could.”

The Confession

Will met with Lucas, who showed him the text. “Our secret is out. Somebody wants us to pay,” warned Lucas, fearing there was a blackmail scheme in the works. Lucas assumed someone stumbled upon the information and was trying to use it to their advantage. Will admitted he never thought he’d be blackmailed three times for shooting EJ.

Lucas and Will remembered back to the incident. Via a newly created flashback, Will confessed to Lucas that he shot EJ and tried to kill him. Lucas promised he’d get Will through this. It was also revealed that Will was drinking the night of the shooting. Nick listened as Will and Lucas revealed all the details.

Will admitted he was a screw up. Lucas went to prison and now the truth was about to come out. He told Lucas that when he was drinking that night, he told T he’d shot EJ, but that T didn’t believe him. Lucas freaked and tried to figure out who else would want to use this information against Will. Lucas suspected Nick, but Will shot the idea down.

Finally, Will decided to go find T and see if he had anything to do with this. As fate would have it, Will ran into Nick. Nick distracted him and retrieved the recording pen device. Soon, Will found T and accused him of blackmailing him. “What are you talking about?” asked T, promising Will that he could trust him. It left Will more confused than ever.

Back at the coffeehouse, Gabi told Sonny that she and Will would forever be tied because of this baby. Nick walked in, fetched Gabi, and they left. Sensing she was upset, Nick questioned Gabi about what Sonny had said to her. Gabi thought that Sonny knew what she did to Melanie and feared that if he told Will about it, he would hate her. Nick assured Gabi that everything would be fine. Sonny hadn’t told Will and wouldn’t.

Double Date

Daniel interrupted Chloe Lane and Jennifer’s chat. Jennifer hid the paper with Daniel’s contact number and crumbled it up; then, she promptly got rid of Chloe.

Kristen fantasized about leaving Brady at the altar. Frustrated that her efforts to get him to propose weren’t working, she realized she needed to turn things up a notch. Brady arrived and admired Kristen, who was a vision in green sparkles. They were eager to take off on their double date with Daniel and Jennifer.

Later, the foursome arrived at the club. While Daniel and Brady went off to get drinks, Kristen thanked Jennifer for agreeing to this evening out. Jennifer admitted she wanted this alone time with Daniel and confessed she’d even told a white lie to make sure Chloe didn’t ruin it. She told Chloe they were going to another club in Salem. Kristen assured Jennifer she’d done the right thing.

Played and Panicked

Chloe returned to the Kiriakis mansion and saw Maggie, who thanked her for letting her spend some alone time with Parker. Anne arrived and she and Chloe headed out. They arrived at the club where Jennifer told Chloe she and Daniel were going, determined to ruin their romantic night. Anne went inside to scope the place out, but soon returned and reported that neither Jennifer or Daniel was inside. “She tricked me,” realized Chloe.

Chloe and Anne returned to the mansion. Maggie had to run out to help a friend in need. Anne picked up Parker and noticed he felt a little warm. “He’s burning up,” gasped Chloe. The two women rushed Parker to the hospital.

A Night to Remember

Daniel and Brady chatted at the bar. Daniel revealed he and Jennifer were spending the night in Chicago. While the two men were away, a drunk guy tried to hit on Kristen and Jennifer. When the guy got a little pushy with Jennifer, Daniel intervened and slugged him. Unfortunately, Daniel’s cell phone fell to the floor and broke. Brady gave Daniel his phone, since he wouldn’t be needing it the rest of the night and Daniel would have to check in with the hospital.

Daniel and Jennifer left. Kristen snuggled up to Brady, pretending she was getting drunker and drunker. Later, Daniel and Jennifer arrived at their hotel and looked forward to a romantic night together. Daniel just wanted to check his messages, first.

Meanwhile, Chloe was frantically trying to reach Daniel, but since his phone was broken and she didn’t have the number to his hotel, she couldn’t. Finally, out of desperation, Chloe called Brady. Daniel decided to answer Brady’s phone, when it rang. “Brady, thank God,” shrieked Chloe. “I don’t know what to do. Parker’s so sick and I’m so scared.”

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