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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 16, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 16, 2013

Deidre Hall

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
A Marriage in Trouble

Marlena left another message for John, asking him to call her. Hope arrived and they started discussing Will, Nick and Gabi. Hope sensed Marlena was upset about something else. Marlena conceded that she was. She feared John would never forgive her for not telling him about Brady and Kristen. She went on about how Kristen was manipulating all of them and she felt helpless to stop her.

Although she was embarrassed, Marlena admitted the reason she stayed quiet about the affair: a part of her was relieved Kristen was sleeping with Brady and not John. Marlena wished there was a way out of this situation. Hope came up with one. She handed Marlena a pin/recording device and urged her to find a way to get Kristen to confess her plot. Then, she could present it to Brady.

A Plea for Help

Kate found Daniel with Jennifer at the pub. “I need your help. So does Parker,” announced Kate. She explained that she was the only grandmother Parker knew and that she needed to be in his life. Kate pleaded with Daniel to intervene with Chloe and allow her to have supervised visits with the boy. Daniel acknowledged that Kate was a good mother and grandmother and agreed to talk to Chloe. Billie walked in, and Kate filled her in on what happened. Billie thought it was good news. Kate, however, noted that she wanted Chloe’s life to be a living hell. Billie knew her mother was up to something and didn’t like it.

Ex-es Reconnect

Chloe ran into Brady at the coffeehouse. He introduced her to Kristen, noting that they were seeing each other. Brady asked about Philip and why Chloe was in Salem. Kristen left, so the duo could talk. Chloe promptly expressed her surprise over Brady’s new girlfriend. “Didn’t she used to be your stepmother?” she asked. Brady clarified that John and Kristen were never married. Chloe realized Brady got the bruises on his face from a fight with John. Brady wanted to tell Victor and Maggie about his new relationship. Chloe agreed to accompany Brady to the Kiriakis mansion and fill him in on what was going on with her along the way.

Before they left, Chloe expressed her concern about anyone finding out about her past as a hooker. She worried that Kate might spill the beans. Brady doubted it. After all, Kate would be incriminating herself, since she was the one who arranged the whole thing.

Kiss and Tell

Maggie and Victor watched Parker play and discussed Philip, Daniel and Chloe. Maggie pointed out how Chloe was looking at Daniel earlier. Victor conceded that Daniel was in for a bumpy ride. Daniel and Jennifer arrived and brought Parker a new toy truck. Jennifer felt like a stranger around the boy. Daniel promised that Parker would come around; he just needed some time. Then, he reassured Jennifer with a kiss. Chloe walked in and witnessed it, but didn’t let on. Brady followed.

Victor wondered where Brady had been. He hadn’t heard from him in days. Brady assured all was well. In fact, he was happier than he’d been in months. When Victor heard the reason why was Kristen DiMera, he erupted. Victor realized Brady got his bruises from a fight with John. He called Brady “more of an idiot than ever.” Maggie tried to intercede, noting that Brady’s behavior was the self-destructive action of an addict. Brady wouldn’t hear any of it, insisting Kristen made him feel alive and well.

A Request

Jennifer, Daniel, Chloe and Parker headed to the Horton Square. Daniel went to fetch some ice cream, and Jennifer headed back to work. Daniel decided the time was right to talk to Chloe about Kate’s request. He suggested that Chloe grant Kate limited access to Parker. “Are you kidding me?” asked Chloe, adding that Kate was “pure evil.” Daniel acknowledged that Kate had done horrible things to them. “You don’t know the half of it,” blurted out Chloe.

A Confession

Later, Kate tracked down Jennifer at the hospital. She took her into a private room, insisting they talk abut something important. Kate said there was something Daniel needed to know. Then, she dropped a bombshell: Chloe had been a prostitute.

Setting A Trap

Kristen checked in with Stefano via phone to report on the John/Marlena situation. “Brady Black? John’s idiot son? You can’t be serous?” scolded Stefano, who knew about the affair. Kristen explained that she deserved revenge against Marlena, who had made her life a living hell. “Have you gotten what you wanted?” asked Stefano. “Of course not,” cooed Kristen. “I’ve just started.”

Soon, there was a knock on Kristen’s hotel room door. She opened it to find Marlena. Marlena announced that she wanted to talk, get what was between them out in the open. “I’m game if you are,” retorted Kristen.

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