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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 18, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 18, 2013

Nadia Bjorlin

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
Crisis Averted

Nicole warned Chloe that she heard Kate talking to Billie about a deep dark secret. She was pretty sure Kate had told Jennifer about Chloe’s past as a prostitute. Chloe got teary-eyed, swearing she would make this up to Daniel. Nicole laid things on the line: “You turned tricks, and he’s in love with Jennifer. There’s no way in hell you’re going to get this guy.” Chloe insisted she’d find a way to get her ex-hubby back.

Jennifer told Daniel she needed to talk to him about Chloe. Daniel didn’t want to discuss his ex, noting her return didn’t change things between them. Jennifer asked Daniel if he thought Chloe was a good mother. Daniel believed she was. They decided to couch the conversation on Chloe, when Chloe suddenly ran toward them. She made up a story about making sure Parker had his bunny, after realizing Jennifer hadn’t told Daniel about her past.

Daniel and Jennifer left, Nicole arrived, and Chloe explained all. Chloe was happy Jennifer was keeping mum. It bought her some time. Nicole warned Chloe about Jennifer, recounting how hard she’d gone after her and how Daniel actually had to defend her. It gave Chloe an idea. “I’m going to turn what could have been a disaster into an advantage,” she announced.

Nicole returned to the church to do some work for Eric. He wondered what was bothering her. Nicole pointed out that Eric didn’t open up to her about his problems. Soon, they were discussing Brady and Kristen’s affair. Nicole confided in Eric about what was bothering her: she was worried about Chloe and Daniel.

Setting Up Jennifer

Chloe met Anne at the pub, and they concocted a plan. Later, at the hospital, Anne handed a nurse a note. Then, she phoned Jennifer and summoned her to the nurse’s station. The nurse put the note on Jennifer’s desk. Meanwhile, Chloe went to see Daniel and ‘fessed up to her “self destructive mistake.” Before she left Salem, she was working as a prostitute. Daniel was incredibly understanding. Chloe said she wanted him to hear it from her and not Jennifer, explaining that she was pretty sure Jennifer knew about her sordid past. Daniel was surprised.

Anne and Chloe met in the hospital lounge. “It’s done,” announced Anne. Daniel went to Jennifer’s office and told her about his talk with Chloe. He explained that Chloe told him about her life before she left town and that Chloe was pretty sure Jennifer knew about it. Daniel looked down at Jennifer’s desk, picked up the note, and saw it had the phone number for Children’s Protective Services on it. “Is this about Chloe?” he asked, angrily.

The Shocking Truth

John heard Kristen reveal Marlena’s real reason for keeping mum about Brady and Kristen’s affair on the pin/recording device: it kept John out of Kristen’s bed. “Is it true Doc... Is that why you didn’t tell me they were having an affair?” asked John. Marlena explained that she was trying to draw Kristen out and get her to admit the real reason she was sleeping with Brady. John was more interested in Kristen’s accusation. It explained why Marlena hadn’t come clean to him about everything. She didn’t trust him and was glad Brady was distracting Kristen. John challenged Marlena to admit everything.

Finally, Marlena conceded that it was true. John was appalled. Marlena pointed out how determined John had been to believe that Kristen had changed and wondered if there was still a part of him that was attracted to her. John was deeply disappointed in his wife for not trusting him. He told her he needed time away to figure out what to do about his son and their marriage. Then, he left.

The Guilt Trip

Brady questioned Kristen about the torn up note, saying “I know what you’re doing.” Kristen concocted a story about it being work related. Brady didn’t buy it, but before he could go any further, he got dizzy and passed out.

Cameron arrived and examined Brady. He explained that Brady could still be suffering from the injuries he suffered while saving Kristen from muggers. Kristen thought back to paying off the muggers before her attack and felt a tad guilty. After Cameron left, Kristen whispered that she never wanted Brady to be hurt like this and how she hated coming between him and his father. Brady wished John and Marlena could be there now to see Kristen looking after him. Brady decided to take a shower and invited Kristen to join him. Kristen lingered and muttered that all she had to do was string Brady along a little longer. Then, it would all be over.

Fatherhood 101

Will was looking at his wedding gift to Nick and Gabi, when Sami walked in. Will tried to leave, but Sami wouldn’t let him. She wanted to talk about what Will was going to do about his child. Sami brought up Will driving Gabi to the abortion clinic. Was that his idea? Will explained that he just wanted to respect what Gabi wanted to do. It was her baby. Sami didn’t understand how Will was okay with Gabi having an abortion or why he was willing to let Nick and Gabi raise his child.

Sami went on about the wonderful family Will had and how they would have helped him through this, insisting that keeping secrets from people you love never works out. “I could have helped you,” declared Sami. Will admitted that if he had told anyone, it would not have been Sami. He’d learned that she only made things worse.

Will explained that he didn’t want his child growing up in the middle of custody confusion, nor did he want him or her living in a broken home. If he let go, his child could grow up in peace. Sami tried to make Will see that letting Nick raise his child was not an option and urged him to step up and be a father.

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