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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 22, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 22, 2013

Chandler Massey as Will Horton

NBC/Michael Desmond
Set Up

Daniel confronted Jennifer about knowing that Chloe had been a prostitute and inquired about the Children’s Protective Services phone number he found on her desk. Was she planning to turn Chloe in? Jennifer swore she wasn’t and claimed she had no idea how the note got on her desk. Daniel got paged and walked out on Jennifer, as Chloe and Anne watched with glee. They thought their plot to break up Daniel and Jennifer worked.

Jennifer tried to get to the bottom of the note. Anne and a fellow hospital worker played dumb. Meanwhile, Daniel ran into Billie, who was on the phone with Kate. He told Billie to tell her mother he wanted to talk to her, pronto. Chloe bumped into Daniel, anxious to finish the conversation they’d started earlier. Namely, her confessing that she’d been a prostitute. She hoped it wouldn’t change things between them. Daniel told Chloe she’d put her life together and was a good mother. Chloe thanked Daniel, and they hugged.

Cleared Up

A confused Jennifer showed up at Maggie’s door. Without giving away the facts, she explained she’d had a disagreement with Daniel over some information she’d kept from him. Maggie wondered how Daniel found out about it. “It was an accident, or maybe it wasn’t,” announced Jennifer, admitting that she thought Chloe might have set the whole thing up. Maggie urged Jennifer to have a conversation with Daniel about this.

Jennifer returned to hospital, found Daniel, and asked if they could talk. Daniel agreed and went first. He apologized for not believing Jennifer, when she said she had no idea how that note ended up on her desk. “I love you, I believe in you, and I will always trust you,” declared Daniel, asking if they were okay. Jennifer assured they were and they hugged and kissed. A disappointed Chloe watched.

The Rights Stuff

Nick informed Rafe that he and Gabi still planned on getting married. Rafe noted that the twosome didn’t have to rush into anything. Justin walked in, and Nick explained he had some questions regarding his and Gabi’s rights to her unborn baby. Nick asked if he’d be the child’s legal father if he and Gabi wed. Justin noted that that depended on Will. Nick pressed. “What do Gabi and I have to do to make sure we get total custody?” asked Nick.

Justin noted that Nick and Gabi would need to petition the court to have Will give up the rights to his child. He stressed that he wasn’t sure Will would be willing to do that now that the truth was out. Nick asked what it would take to have Will declared an unfit father. Justin didn’t understand why Nick was going in this direction. Nick thought back to overhearing Lucas say he went to jail for Will, but kept mum. Justin told Nick he needed to find a new attorney. This case didn’t appeal to him.

Please, Forgive Me

Gabi prayed for forgiveness for bringing a lie into church and promised God she would always put her baby before herself. Nicole walked in on Gabi’s confession and tried to reassure her that everything would be alright. Rafe entered the church at the end of their conversation. He and Gabi talked about figuring out what to do next, now that the truth was out about Will being her baby daddy. Rafe promised to help Gabi any way he could moving forward, as long as she promised to be honest with him.

More Advice

EJ was on the phone with a custody lawyer, noting that it was for Will Horton. Meanwhile, Sami continued to pressure Will to fight for the rights to his child. Will was still torn. Sami begged Will not to make a decision until he realized exactly what he was giving up and urged him to talk to Marlena, Caroline, his father or Uncle Eric --– anyone who was on his side. Will insisted he didn’t need to talk to anyone, when EJ showed up at the door wanting to talk. Sami left the two of them alone.

Will told EJ how he and Gabi ended up in bed together and conceiving a child. Afterwards, he knew it was a mistake and that he belonged with Sonny. That’s when Gabi told him she was pregnant with his child. When Nick offered him a way out, by agreeing to marry Gabi and raise the baby, Will realized no one had to know the truth. He now realized he’d taken the easy way out. EJ informed Will that he’d taken the precaution of hiring Will a custody lawyer. He wanted to help him.

Getting Warmed Up

Sami bumped into Nicole at the Horton Square. “Oh hey. How’s it going there, Granny?” cracked Nicole, mentioning how she knew about Gabi, Will and the whole baby situation. She went on to tell Sami how she’d stalled EJ on New Year’s Eve, so Sami and Rafe could be together. Nicole happened upon Billie, who was on the phone with Kate again and relaying what transpired with Daniel. Then, Nicole ran into Chloe. Chloe filled her in on the latest on Daniel and Jennifer. Nicole tried to make Chloe realize she was fighting a losing battle. Chloe wouldn’t be deterred. She might have lost this round, but she was just getting warmed up.

Fighting Words

Sami arrived at St. Luke’s and ran into Rafe, who was leaving. The two immediately got into it over Gabi’s pregnancy. Sami assured Rafe that neither she nor Will was going to let his child be raised by a felon and Gabi, who should be behind bars herself. “Enough!” spat Rafe, just as EJ walked in.

Gabi returned to the Brady Pub. She told Nick she didn’t know what to do next. Nick noted that nothing had changed between them and suggested they get married at the courthouse, immediately. “I can’t do that,” retorted Gabi. “That’s right, she can’t,” interrupted Will. “Not until we figure out what we’re going to do about the baby.”

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