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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 31, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 31, 2013

James Scott and Alison Sweeney

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Lies and Trust

An upset Brady confronted Kristen about lying to him about the note she wrote to Marlena. Kristen asked if Marlena told him she was wearing a wire and trying to get her to say she was just using him. Brady said she had. Brady went on about how easily Kristen had made up that lie about work and pointed out that he’d just defended her to Nicole.

Kristen told Brady if he wasn't going to trust her and listen to her side of the story, he could leave. Brady agreed to hear her out. Kristen said she knew Marlena was wearing a wire and wrote the note, because she was angry. Whatever Marlena played for Brady was edited. Brady said Marlena didn’t play the tape for him. He was upset that Kristen looked him in the eye and lied.

Kristen swore she was protecting Brady. She didn’t want him to know a member of his family could do something so vicious. Brady wasn’t buying it. Kristen opened the door and told him to leave. “If you don't have my back, I'd rather be alone,” said Kristen. Brady shut it, telling Kristen he was on her side, and they kissed. Later, lying in bed, Brady told Kristen it was just the two of them. The rest of the world could go to hell.

Second Choice?

Sami phoned EJ and said they needed to talk at her place, later. Then, she left Will a message about a rumor she’d heard from her friend at city hall. EJ ran into Rafe and they exchanged barbs about the Will/Gabi situation and the Hernandez family’s penchant for keeping children from their fathers. EJ warned Rafe that he and Gabi should stay away from Will and Sami and explained that he’d hired “the best lawyer in Salem” for Will.

“So you're fighting for Sami now?” asked Rafe, noting that Sami liked it when people treated her like she was helpless. EJ went on about knowing Sami. They had “a bond.” EJ supposed that was probably why Rafe lost her. Rafe quickly burst EJ’s bubble, noting that he and Sami were about to reconcile, before the wedding fiasco. “Make no mistake, my friend, you were out,” spat Rafe.

Baby Drama

Nick was reading up on EJ’s attempted murder and Lucas’ confession, when Will came into Gabi’s room. He quickly closed the window on his computer. Will thanked him for letting him be at the sonogram. They both agreed it was awesome. Will noted this was as it should be; all of them loving this little girl together.

Sami burst into the pub. She told Gabi she knew Nick and her were planning to get married. If that was their first step in trying to get custody of the baby, they could forget it. Gabi noted that they’d postponed the wedding and that no one was trying to take the baby from anyone. Will was going to be in this child’s life. In fact, he was at the baby’s sonogram. Gabi warned Sami that if she wanted to be a part of all this, she couldn’t attack her for no reason. Nick interrupted and chased Sami off.

Rafe stopped by and offered to take Nick and Gabi to dinner. He sensed something was wrong. “Sami,” responded Nick. Gabi asked for a rain check and headed upstairs. Nick told Rafe that Sami was making Gabi’s life a living hell. Rafe asked Nick to look after his sister, promising Sami wasn’t going to be a problem any more.

Consolation and Questions

Chad happened upon Abigail consoling Sonny about Will at the coffeehouse. Cameron saw Chad staring at Abigail and said he looked like a stalker. Chad admitted that he not only blew his chance with Abigail, but also destroyed Sonny and Will's relationship. Abigail continued talking to Sonny about Will. Yes, he lied and it was wrong, but Sonny still loved him. Sonny admitted it was true.

EJ stopped by the coffeehouse and questioned Chad about the wedding. Were Sami and Rafe together? Chad noted that people were talking about them and saying they were happy. EJ assumed people jumped to conclusions about the two of them.

Abigail stopped by the hospital to see Cameron. He said he didn’t approach her at the coffeehouse, because she was talking to Chad. Abigail explained that Chad was trying to make amends for what he did. The subject turned to second chances. Abigail told Cameron she’d like to see him, even if it was just to talk about what happened between them.

On the Rebound

Chad ran into Will in the square. He swore that if he’d known Will was involved in this thing with Gabi, he wouldn’t have said a word. Will showed Chad his daughter’s sonogram picture. Chad noted that Will would be “an awesome dad” and mentioned hearing Abigail and Sonny talking earlier.

Brian stopped by to see Sonny at the coffeehouse. They talked about what happened with Will and Gabi. Brian flirted with Sonny and soon they were kissing. At that moment, Will arrived and saw them in each other’s arms through the window.

True Confession

Sami headed home to EJ. She admitted she’d been bouncing back and forth between him and Rafe for weeks. She even ended up kissing Rafe on her New Year’s Eve date with EJ. She told EJ she and Rafe were planning to reconcile, but that the wedding disaster changed everything. That’s when she saw who Rafe really was.

Sami went on about choosing Rafe, because she was desperate for her family’s approval. She admitted she was a coward for not giving in to how EJ made her feel. “This is right. You’re right,” whispered Sami. “I want you. Do we still have a chance?” Sami swore she’d do whatever it took until EJ came around, because she believed they belonged together. Finally, EJ stood up, took Sami in his arms, and kissed her passionately, just as a furious Rafe started banging on the door.

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