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25 Facts About EJ DiMera


25 Facts About EJ DiMera

James Scott

Courtesy: Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

Adore EJ DiMera, the suave, sly scoundrel of Salem? He’s a complicated man with more facets than the Hope Diamond. Days of Our Lives fans have been enthralled with the charismatic character, since actor James Scott assumed the role in 2006. Check out these 25 facts about him.

1. Born on February 21, 1997, EJ should actually be turning 16 in 2013. Instead, thanks to soap opera’s rapid aging syndrome he’s 30-something.

2. A true Pisces, EJ yearns for understanding and is often misunderstood. He also feels like he’s being pulled in different directions. Case in point: one minute he’s embracing a life of crime; the next, he’s trying to be a better man for his children.

3. His birth name was actually Elvis Aaron Banks. Yet, somewhere along the way it became Elvis John. Hence, the moniker, EJ.

4. The character has been played by four people, since he was born. Triplets Dillon, Vincent, and Avalon Ragone shared the role of baby Elvis from 1997 to 1998. James Scott assumed the role of adult EJ in 2006.

5. EJ should thank his lucky stars his stepfather, Edmund, never legally adopted him. Otherwise, his name would be EJ Crumb.

6. When it comes to siblings, fate has been cruel to EJ. Over the years, he’s lost five! Brothers Tony and Benjy and sisters Renee, Megan and Lexie have all died.

7. After his father, Stefano, stole him from his mum, Susan, EJ lived at the DiMera’s posh New Orleans estate, Maison Blanche.

8. Where did EJ get his British accent? That can be attributed to the English boarding schools he attended growing up.

9. He’s the spitting image of his paternal grandfather Santo DiMera; minus the moustache.

10. His first meeting with Sami was memorable for both her and Days viewers. Why? Because EJ was clad only in a towel.

11. Although he’s never been convicted of any crimes, he’s committed enough heinous acts to be put away for life. Among his offenses: he brainwashed and tortured Steve Johnson, forced Sami to have sex with him, and shot and tried to kill John Black.

12. When it comes to crimes committed against him, there’s no one better at forgiving and forgetting. EJ forgave Will for shooting him in the back, during his wedding to Sami, and he still adores Sami, despite the fact that she shot him point blank in the head.

13. EJ has “fathered” four children, but sadly only two, Johnny and Sydney, are still alive. Nicole miscarried their first child; and their second baby, a son, was delivered stillborn.

14. He has a penchant for expensive suits, ties and pink shirts and rarely dresses down.

15. EJ is a jack of all trades, literally. His careers to date include race car driver, co-owner of Mythic Communications, lawyer, mayor and CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

16. Although it was never proven, EJ was believed to have been the mysterious Gloved Hand, who once wreaked havoc in Salem -- switching fertilized eggs, tampering with race cars and then some.

17. He once had a torrid affair with Kate, who later became his stepmother, when she married Stefano.

18. Named after Elvis Presley, EJ actually dressed as The King for Halloween 2011. Who was his Priscilla? Why Nicole, of course.

19. EJ is not an American citizen. He’s in the United States on a visa and has been since 2006.

20. Although he goes by the nickname EJ, he prefers calling others by their full name. Case in point: Samantha, William and the late Alexandra.

21. EJ might never have learned that Johnny was his son, if it weren’t for Celeste. She had a vision that he was the boy’s father, prompting EJ to insist Sami have a paternity test done on the child.

22. The multiple birth gene runs in EJ’s family. His mother Susan was a quadruplet, and his son, Johnny, is a twin.

23. He once saved Stefano’s life, but in gruesome fashion. He had Steve kidnap a comatose John and then forced Kayla to transplant one of John’s kidneys into his dying father.

24. When it comes to women, this gentleman definitely prefers blondes. Ex-wives Sami and Nicole and former lover Taylor are all fair-haired. The only brunette he’s tangled with is Kate.

25. Despite loving his late sister, Lexie, EJ denied her last request that he resign as mayor of Salem and relinquish the post to her husband, Abe.

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