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Bo and Hope

A 'Days of Our Lives' Love Story about a Blue Collar Guy and His Uptown Gal


Bo and Hope

Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton

Bo Brady arrived in Salem on his motorcycle, stopped into Shenanigan’s for a beer, and immediately spotted Hope Williams. She asked for a ride home on his motorcycle, he agreed, and their romance was off and running. She was a spoiled little rich girl; her daddy Doug’s “Princess.” He was a long-haired, bearded rebel in a leather jacket and faded jeans. They were complete opposites, yet they fell madly in love. And, in spite of all the obstacles tossed in their path, their relationship has sustained the test of time.

Bo originally dubbed Hope, “Little One,” but now calls her, “Fancy Face.” Hope calls Bo, “Brady.” Fans have dubbed the pair, “Bope,” a combination of Bo and Hope.

First Scene
The former childhood pals reconnected at Shenanigan's on May 3, 1983

First Kiss
A kissing booth in the park on July 4, 1983

First Dance
Hope’s 18th birthday party on December 29, 1983

First Time Making Love
Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans on August 3-4, 1984

First Wedding
A cathedral in England on May 23, 1985

First Child
Shawn Douglas Brady, born April 6, 1987

Memorable Songs
On Hope’s 18th Birthday, she and Bo shared their first dance to Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You by Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack. You can listen to it, here.

When Bo kidnapped Hope from her wedding to Larry Welch, they fled off to the Bonnie Tyler hit, Holding Out for A Hero, which you can listen to here. After stopping to talk things out, the pair finally kissed to James Ingram’s Whatever We Imagine. You can listen to it, here.

While honeymooning in New York, Bo and Hope frolicked about the city. Some of the scenes were underscored by Mr. Mister’s Broken Wings. There was also a romantic music video of the duo set to If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody by Black Tie. You can watch and listen to it, here.

After Bo and Hope remarried on December 24, 2000, they danced to Valentine by Martina McBride, which you can listen to here.

In 2005, the song Can’t Live Without Your Love was introduced as Bo and Hope’s new love theme. Peter Reckell’s real-life wife, Kelly Moneymaker, wrote and sang it. You can listen to the song, here.

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