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Profile of Billie Reed


Profile of Billie Reed

Julie Pinson as Billie Reed

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2007 NBC Universal

Portrayed by:

  • Lisa Rinna (September 21, 1992 - September 28, 1995, July 3 2002 - January 8, 2003)
  • Heather Lauren Olsen (1994, in flashbacks)
  • Krista Allen (September 6, 1996 - November 5, 1999)
  • Julie Pinson (September 13, 2004 - February 5, 2008)

Other Names Used:

Billie Holiday Reed (Courtesy of her father Curtis Reed)

Previous Address:

110 Guilford Street in an apartment, Salem

Past Occupations:

  • Head of Security at Salem University
  • ISA Agent
  • Police Officer
  • Detective
  • Owner of Countess Willhemina Cosmetics
  • Porn Star
  • Stripper


Curtis Reed (father, deceased)
Kate Roberts (mother)
Chelsea Brady (daughter)
Austin Reed (brother)
Lucas Horton (half-brother, last name formerly Roberts)
Philip Kiriakis (half-brother)
Rex Brady (half-brother)
Cassie Brady (half-sister)
Will Roberts (half-nephew, via Lucas)
Tyler Kiriakis (half-nephew, via Philip)
Allie Horton (half-niece, via Lucas)


  • Curtis Reed (incestual rape, now deceased)
  • Bo Brady (divorced, lovers)
  • Franco Kelly (dated, now deceased)
  • Roman Brady (lovers)
  • Nicholas Alamain (dated)
  • Patrick Lockhart (lovers)
  • Steve Johnson (dated)
  • Nick Fallon (lovers)
  • EJ DiMera(brief flirtation)

Crimes Committed:

  • Prostitution
  • Drug Solicitation
  • Forged John Black’s name on one of his checks
  • Accused of killing her father Curtis Reed
  • Aided and abetted fugitive Larry Welch
  • Lied about killing Zack Brady in order to protect Chelsea

Character History

Spunky Billie Reed first arrived in Salem shortly after running away from a drug rehab center in Boston. Billie had led a troubled past as a former drug user, porn star, and stripper, courtesy of her abusive father Curtis Reed. Shortly after her arrival in Salem, she was arrested at a party for solicitation of drugs.

Following her arrest, she met Officer Bo Brady and became instantly smitten with him, although he was engaged to Dr. Carly Manning at the time. Billie eventually kicked her drug habit, acquired a waitressing job, and moved in with her brother Austin’s girlfriend Carrie Brady.

Despite her ability to stay clean and steer clear of trouble, an old friend of hers named Tony Becker asked her to hide $100,000 while he served a brief sentence in jail. She agreed to hide it in an old barn outside Salem. Unbeknownst to Billie, Jack Devereaux stumbled upon her stash of cash. To make matters worse, Bo questioned Billie in regards to a drug related shooting. She eventually revealed the name of the lowlife dealer who shot Abe: Cash Bowman. Bo soon arrested him.

Meanwhile, Jack had already spent the $100,000 in order to regain control of The Spectator. Jack and Billie teamed up to raise back the money when he found an intriguing manuscript in his house. Billie presented this novel to businesswoman Kate Roberts under the pseudonym Miranda Miller.

During a poker game one night, Billie won the deed to a small cosmetics company, which she named Countess Wilhelmina. Soon afterwards, Kate discovered that Billie had stolen the manuscript which Kate herself had written years earlier. Kate eventually purchased the novel, and thus Billie had enough money to pay back Tony.

Billie’s next venture was to get her new company up and running off the ground. Kate eventually took notice of her efforts and loaned Billie money for her company. Billie reluctantly signed a contract and went into business with Kate.

When Billie got wind that Bo was going to Los Angeles to investigate the parking lot shooter, she followed him to L.A., since she felt obligated to protect her daddy, who had re-entered her life. Their mission failed, so Bo and Billie returned to Salem. Bo soon discovered that his not so dead fiance Carly was alive and well with amnesia and had been buried alive by Vivian Alamain. With Billie’s help, Carly regained her memory, but left Salem with Lawrence Alamain.

Billie’s world turned upside down once again when her father returned from Los Angeles needing a place to stay, so Billie allowed him to hide in the basement of her apartment building. Unbeknownst to Billie, Curtis was using cocaine and asked Billie for money. She used her cosmetic company’s profit to loan to her father.

On the night of a costume party with Bo, Curtis lured her away, took her to the park, injected her with heroin, and raped her. He threatened to reveal Billie’s porno past to Bo if she told him. Curtis dragged Billie back to her basement apartment building. The next morning, Billie discovered that her father had been shot dead.

Soon after the horrid incident, Billie revealed all to Austin and confessed that Curtis sexually abused her as a child, which she blocked out until recently. Unfortunately, Billie became the prime suspect in Curtis Reed’s murder. During this time, Billie’s hatred for Kate intensified since Kate stole back Countess Wilhemenia from her.

Bo stood by Billie throughout her upcoming trial and believed in her despite the evidence against her. It was eventually revealed that Kate had been beaten by her ex-husband Curtis that horrid night. Additionally, Billie was stunned to learn that Curtis had stolen Kate’s two children from her years earlier. Billie dreaded the possibility of Kate being her mother, since she hated her. During the trial, Lucas, Kate’s son, feared his mother would go to jail for murder, so he stood up and declared that he killed Curtis. A mistrial was declared as a result of this and Billie was off the hook for now.

Soon afterwards, Billie began to remember more about that fateful night and realized that neither Lucas nor Kate could’ve possibly killed Curtis. Unfortunately, Billie’s trial resumed. When she took the stand, Billie let it slip that Curtis Reed was her father and was forced to confess the sordid details of her past, including being molested as a child and starring in porno films after running away from home. She soon confessed to murdering Curtis and was sent to jail to await her sentencing. During this time, Billie recalled the first time her father raped her at age twelve and blamed her mother for her incestuous childhood. Billie soon discovered that Kate was her biological mother and wanted nothing to do with her.

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