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Profile of Billie Reed


Profile of Billie Reed

Julie Pinson as Billie Reed

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2007 NBC Universal

Just before Billie’s sentencing, Bo was granted one last attempt to question Billie about that horrid night. It was soon revealed that Stefano DiMera had shot and killed Curtis in self defense and had hired someone to pin the evidence onto Billie. Billie was soon cleared of all charges.

Bo and Billie then decided to start fresh and take things slow. Billie went back to high school in order to obtain her diploma and met a new potential investor in her company, David Caldwell. Billie soon discovered that David was abusing his daughter Jamie. One night when she confronted him, David tied Billie to a chair and threatened to kill her, but was soon rescued by Bo.

Billie’s friend Kristen DiMera invited Bo and Billie to a charity gathering she was hosting at Maison Blanche in New Orleans. Soon after their arrival, Billie saw a mysterious young woman hanging around the plantation. Billie came across a photo of Hope and noticed the striking resemblance between Bo’s dead wife and the mysterious woman. One night Billie ran after the woman and slipped, hitting her head on a rock. Bo found Billie, who insisted that Hope was alive, but Bo stated otherwise.

Billie’s dreams seemed to be coming true as Bo proposed to Billie. Her hopes were soon dashed when John Black barged into their hotel room right after the moment carrying the unconscious mystery woman. Bo was astonished at how much she resembled Hope. When the woman finally woke up in the hospital, she didn’t remember anything and called herself Gina. Medical experts discovered that Gina had been given extensive plastic surgery. Bo insisted that Gina was an impostor. Billie befriended Gina and asked her to move in with her, but worried about her future with Bo when Gina began having memories of Hope. Bo eventually broke things off with Billie, who soon discovered a book of memories regarding Hope Brady’s life which Gina had. Bo soon got a hold of the book and found Billie trying to leave town on a train. He apologized for his previous actions and proposed to her. They finally made love for the first time.

Bo and Billie finally began to prepare for their upcoming nuptials and set a date for New Year’s 1995. Gina had fallen in love with Bo by now and decided to leave town. Their wedding day finally arrived. Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite as planned. A chandelier fell and nearly killed the wedding party. Alice Horton then stood up and objected the marriage, insisting that Bo couldn’t marry Billie because Hope was still alive. Gina agreed to declare Hope legally dead so Bo and Billie could marry. The two married soon afterwards and Billie adopted Bo’s son Shawn Douglas.

Billie moved into the Fancy Face with her new family. During this time she formed a relationship with Kate and even called her “Mom.” Billie was devastated when Kate was presumed dead in a plane crash and suspected Vivian Alamain of foul play. Gina was eventually proven to be Hope Brady when her fingerprints were tested against those of Hope. Bo and Billie’s marriage was declared invalid.

Despite this revelation, Bo remained faithful to Billie and sought a divorce from Hope. Billie soon deduced that Bo still had feelings for Hope, so Billie decided to step aside in order to allow Bo to resolve his feelings. Billie accepted a position in Paris for Countess Wilhelmina. Bo made a beeline to the airport and pleaded with her to stay. Nonetheless, Billie encouraged Bo to explore his feelings for his ex-wife and departed for Paris.

1996 - 1999

Billie returned to Salem in the form of Krista Allen. She soon ran into Franco Kelly, whom she had dated overseas. Despite her absence from Bo’s life, Billie still had unresolved feelings for her ex. Bo was leery of Billie’s friendship with Franco and kept his eye on her. Hope became jealous of Bo watching over Billie, but Billie tried to convince her that she didn’t want Bo.

Billie was devastated when Bo and Hope became engaged. She retreated to the Horton Cabin the night before their wedding. Bo discovered Billie’s whereabouts and went to the island concerned for her safety, since a murder had just taken place there. Unfortunately, Bo got caught in the middle of a fierce storm and he and Billie were stuck on the island. Desperate to make his wedding, Bo attempted to swim to shore, but nearly drowned. Billie saved him and dragged him back to the cabin. Bo was in a hypodermic state, so in an effort to keep warm, Billie removed their clothing and snuggled close to Bo the rest of the night. Hope arrived in time to witness the close encounter and thus jumped to the wrong conclusion. Needless to say, she called things off with Bo.

Billie soon discovered that Bo was going undercover in an effort to expose and bring down drug lord J.L. King. Billie got in over her head and was forced to play along as Bo’s girlfriend. They were forced to keep up their ruse in front of Hope, otherwise their cover would be blown. Bo reminded Billie that he only saw her as a friend and Hope was the woman he loved.

Bo and Billie were forced to travel to Rome with King, where he had arranged a wedding for them. Coincidentally, Hope and Franco were also in Rome during that time and King invited them to the ceremony. The wedding went off without a hitch, to Billie’s delight and Hope’s devastation.

King was arrested in Rome soon afterwards. One of his goons, Max, kidnaped Billie and tied her to a bed where he injected her with heroin and other drugs. While under the influence, she saw visions of her dead father Curtis, who tormented her. Bo found Billie and saved her from becoming hooked on drugs again. Soon afterwards, the two made love. As a result of their lovemaking, Billie soon discovered she was pregnant.

Despite Billie’s pregnancy and her persuasion to Bo to be a responsible father, he still longed for Hope. Billie taunted Hope about her and Bo being lovers in Rome. When she was approximately five months into her pregnancy, she followed Bo and Hope to New Orleans and was accosted by two young men. As a result, Billie went into premature labor and gave birth to a stillborn daughter, whom she named Georgia. She buried her daughter in the swamp.

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