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Profile of Dr. Daniel Jonas


Profile of Dr. Daniel Jonas

Shawn Christian as Dr. Daniel Jonas

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2008 NBC Universal

Portrayed by: Shawn Christian (March 4, 2008 - Present)

Address: 110 Guilford Street in an apartment in Salem

Occupation: diagnostician, internist, and surgeon


  • Rebecca (wife, deceased)
  • Dr. Amber Kress (brief flirtation on her part)
  • Chelsea Brady (dated)
  • Kate Roberts (lovers)


  • Dr. Lexie Carver
  • Nicole Walker
  • Chloe Lane

Character History:

Dr. Daniel Jonas was brought to Salem by Victor Kiriakis, his godfather, so that he could help save Bo Brady, who was gravely ill with a failing pancreas. Daniel first encountered Chelsea Brady in the park, who was distressed over her grandpa Shawn Brady’s recent death and her father Bo Brady’s condition. She developed an instant crush on the handsome, surfer-talking new doctor. Chelsea soon introduced Daniel to her grandmother Kate, who noted Chelsea’s crush on Daniel. Kate encouraged Chelsea to go after the much older Daniel, even though Chelsea was involved with Nick Fallon.

Dr. Kayla Johnson was stunned to come across a website on radical procedures involving living pancreas donors. She showed Dr. Lexie Carver that the first surgeon to perform the procedure was none other than Dr. Daniel Jonas. Kayla berated Daniel for keeping his radical living donor procedure a secret. Daniel, however, warned that the procedure was extremely dangerous for the recipient and the donor. The ladies were able to convince a reluctant Daniel to perform the risky surgery to help save Bo.

Bo’s loved ones were tested, and it was confirmed that Chelsea was a living donor match. Unfortunately, she was busy drowning her sorrows at the Cheatin’ Heart. Daniel was able to pump the alcohol out of her system in the nick of time, remove a section of her pancreas, and perform the surgery, which was a success.

Daniel and Chelsea started spending more time together and became better friends. A recovering Chelsea was soon rushed to the hospital after she collapsed as a result of a complication from the pancreatic surgery. Daniel diagnosed her with having a severe secondary infection called peritonitis. Chelsea recovered, but the infection did some extensive and irreversible damage to her fallopian tubes, which meant that she would never be able to have children. Daniel blamed himself for Chelsea’s condition and decided to resign from her case.

Daniel made plans to leave Salem. He made one last stop at Bo and Hope’s house to say goodbye to Chelsea and kissed her for the first time. Mob boss Martino Vitali asked the good doctor to look into his daughter Ava Vitali’s case, but Daniel refused. He stopped by the Brady house to see Chelsea again, where she pulled him into a passionate kiss. Realizing how strong her feelings were for Daniel, Chelsea broke up with Nick.

Daniel soon confided in Lexie about how he fell in love with his wife Rebecca, who died of cancer. Chelsea confessed to Victor that she was falling in love with Daniel and he told her the story about Daniel’s late wife. Her death took a toll on Daniel and he immersed himself in his work. Although Daniel had feelings for Chelsea, he continued to push her away. He confided in Marlena about his messed-up personal life and she cautioned him to take the next relationship slowly.

Chelsea continued to push herself into Daniel’s life and even got hot and heavy in the steam room at the hospital with him until they were interrupted by a beautiful young doctor named Amber Kress. Daniel shoved Chelsea into the locker room while Amber flirted with him. He continued to insist to Chelsea that things couldn’t work between them, but Chelsea refused to give up that easily.

After Kate came to the hospital complaining of abdominal pain, Daniel diagnosed her with omental torsion. Chelsea became suspicious when Kate refused to allow Daniel to perform the surgery. Kate began to act hostile towards Daniel and didn’t want him anywhere near her.

Meanwhile, Daniel finally agreed to give things a shot with Chelsea and took her out on their first date to Chez Rouge, but Daniel got paged back to the hospital. Bo made it known that he wasn’t crazy about Chelsea dating the much older doctor. Daniel and Chelsea continued their romantic date back at the hospital, and it appeared that the two were on the verge of embarking on a meaningful relationship, despite the age difference. Kate was against their relationship and passed out after she saw them kissing at the Brady-Horton 4th of July barbeque. Victor also made it known that he was against their relationship.

Victor was soon brought in after having a stroke and Daniel presided over his case. It was soon revealed that Kate and Daniel had slept together right after he took himself off of Chelsea’s case, and Kate warned him that Chelsea could never find out about their affair. It turned out that Kate encountered Daniel at the pub drowning his sorrows, and she “helped him out.” They agreed to put their affair in the past for Chelsea’s sake.

Daniel agreed to meet up with Chelsea at his apartment on evening. She arranged a romantic setting, but put an abrupt halt to their evening after she discovered an incriminating text message from Kate. Daniel confessed that he slept with Kate, and Chelsea couldn’t bring herself to forgive Daniel or Kate for their betrayal. Philip Kiriakis found out about the affair and laid into Daniel for his actions.

Daniel was crestfallen upon discovering that there was a strong possibility Kate had lung cancer. He vowed to stand by her as she underwent a biopsy. While awaiting the results of her biopsy, Kate returned to the Kiriakis mansion. She encountered Daniel outside by the pool and they ended up making love. Chelsea soon discovered that they had slept together again and was dealt with another blow when Daniel revealed that Kate indeed had lung cancer.

As Kate undergoes chemotherapy for her lung cancer, Daniel has stood by her and it appears that he’s developing real feelings for her. Daniel has also become better friends with Chloe and recently discovered that she’s a cancer survivor. Will Daniel ever find love again with Chelsea, or will he move on with Kate? Stay tuned!

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