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Profile of Hope Williams Brady


Profile of Hope Williams Brady

Kristian Alfonso as Hope Williams Brady

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2007 NBC Universal

It took a while before Bo re-declared his eternal love for Hope. Billie later came back from Paris and attempted to win back Bo. She got pregnant with his child and miscarried, then lied about when the miscarriage took place in order to place the blame on Hope. It was revealed that while Hope was at Maison Blanche for four years, Stefano had given Hope Princess Gina’s memories by installing them on a chip. Hope lived the royal life of art thief Gina during this time. Back in Salem, Stefano turned Hope back into Gina in order to get his art treasures back.

1999 - 2006

Brainwashed as Gina, Hope kidnapped John, who was also under Stefano’s mind control. The two made love on the submarine. Shortly afterwards, Hope and Stefano also made love. Meanwhile, the real Princess Gina was alive and well and managed to hold Stefano and Hope hostage in her castle while she took over Hope’s life after having a facelift. The real Princess Gina was in love with John, but fell for Bo after spending time with him as Hope. The real Hope discovered she was pregnant, but was horrified to discover that Bo couldn’t possibly be the father. This was only the beginning of the Baby Switch Storyline.

Through fake DNA tests, her baby was believed to be John’s. Unbeknownst to everyone, Stefano had switched Marlo and Hope’s babies at birth with the help of his henchman Dr. Rolf. JT was born with fetal alcohol syndrome as a result of his biological mother Marlo’s drinking binges during pregnancy. Hope was distraught as she wondered how much she drank during her time as Princess Gina. A year later, Bo and Hope discovered that their biological son, Isaac, was being raised by Abe and Lexie, while their child JT belonged to Glen Reiber. They were devastated when they were eventually forced to hand JT over to Glen. Lexie went off the deep end and turned evil in her effort to keep Isaac. A heartbroken Abe did the noble thing and handed little Isaac over to Bo and Hope. They renamed him Zack.

During Zack’s christening, Bo and Hope were thrilled to learn that Bo was the biological father after all. Neither one recalled sleeping together during Zack’s conception, but it turned out they had. Bo and Hope remarried in 2000. Larry Welch later came back from the dead and kidnaped Hope and Zack, but his reign of terror didn’t last.

Bo and Hope both rejoined the police force in order to investigate the spree of Salem Stalker killings. A number of victims were killed by the mysterious stalker, which included Hope’s Aunt Maggie, her father Doug, her grandma Alice, Bo’s mom Caroline, and Bo’s brother Roman. Hope ended up going after Patrick Lockhart and ended up on the island of Melaswen, which was a duplicate island to Salem. Hope reunited with her loved ones here, and it turned out that nobody died at the hands of the Salem Stalker. Billie Reed, Bo’s former love, was also on the island.

Upon returning to Salem, Billie came between Bo and Hope and Bo helped Billie search high and low for their daughter Georgia, whom they believed to be alive and well. It was later revealed that Chelsea Benson was their long-lost daughter. Hope tried to accept her despite her harsh treatment of Hope. Bo and Hope then had another tragedy befall them. Their young son Zack was accidentally run down by a hit and run driver on New Year’s Eve in 2005. He was taken off life support a few days later and tragically died. Hope suffered the most terrible loss that a mother could possibly endure. She later discovered that the driver was none other than her stepdaughter Chelsea. In addition, she learned that Bo not only tried to cover up the crime and protect his daughter, but he also gave her the keys to drive the car even though Chelsea’s license was suspended.


Hope separated from Bo and fled to Morgan Island, where she had an affair with Patrick Lockhart. Bo made numerous attempts to reconcile with Hope, but she couldn’t forgive him for his lies. Hope soon discovered that she was pregnant and DNA tests proved that Patrick was the father of her baby. It turned out that Patrick paid off Dr. Bader to fake the paternity results so he could hold onto Hope. Bo and Hope slowly found their way back to each other, and she gave birth to daughter Ciara Alice in a warehouse after being kidnapped by Patrick. It was there that Patrick finally revealed that Bo was really the father.

Summer of 2007

Hope had another problem to deal with when she discovered that the ex-hooker her son briefly bedded, Willow, was pregnant with his child. Since Shawn was on the run with Belle trying to protect his daughter, Hope gave Willow money and paid for her doctor visits even though she intensely disliked the former prostitute. Willow was accidentally killed after a fight with Nick and it turned out that Shawn wasn’t the father after all.

Hope and Bo then decided to work on solving the DiMera mystery together as an attempt to figure out why the DiMera’s hated the Brady’s so much. Hope, Bo, Doug, and Julie went to Doug's old club looking for clues and were shocked to find Lexie Carver in the tunnels! She had been held captive for the past five months and even tried to strangle Hope, but Hope reminded her crazed friend who she was and brought Lexie back to reality. While in the pit beneath the club, Bo and Hope managed to diffuse a bomb and discovered an old photo of Colleen Brady, who looked exactly like Sami.

Hope made it her mission to break into the DiMera mansion in order to find the rest of the love letters from Santo DiMera to Colleen Brady. She was caught by Stefano, so her good friend Steve Johnson covered for her and claimed she was there to see him. Steve kissed a stunned Hope and tried to convince Stefano that they were having an affair so that no harm would come to Hope.

Hope and Bo soon went to Ireland to find Grandpa Shawn, since he was feeling guilty over his sister Colleen's death. They soon took another trip to Ireland and retrieved a leather portfolio from a church, which contained the terms to ending the vendetta. Andre briefly pulled a knife on Hope and demanded the folio from Bo, then ran off with the valuable folio.

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