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Profile of John Black


Profile of John Black

Drake Hogestyn as John Black

Jeff Katz / Copyright 2008 NBC Universal

Portrayed by:

  • Robert Poynton (Late 1985 - 1986) while bandaged
  • Drake Hogestyn (April 1986 - October 29, 2007, January 8, 2008 - January 23, 2009)

Other Names Used:

  • Ryan Brady (birth name given by Colleen Brady)
  • The Pawn (1985-1986)
  • Forrest Alamain (adoptive name)
  • Roman Brady(1986 - 1991)
  • John Stevens (name known as in Switzerland)
  • Father John Black

Resources and Past Occupations:

  • Hospital Security Guard
  • Worked for the ISA
  • Salem Police Department Investigator
  • Mercenary
  • Army Doctor
  • Art Smuggler
  • Priest
  • Owns Basic Black
  • Owns Half of Alamain Industries
  • Manages the Toscano Foundation
  • Titan Publishing Board Member
  • Bella Magazine Board Member
  • Horton Center Co-Chairperson
  • Salem University Board Member


  • Colleen Brady (biological mother, deceased)
  • Santo DiMera (biological father, deceased)
  • Philomena Alamain (adoptive mother, deceased)
  • Leopold Alamain (adoptive father, deceased)


  • Brady Black (son, with Isabella)
  • Isabella "Belle" Black Brady (daughter, with Marlena)
  • Claire Brady (granddaughter, via Belle)

Other Relatives:

  • Lawrence Alamain (brother, via adoption)
  • Vivian Alamain (aunt, via adoption)
  • Daphne DiMera (aunt, via adoption)
  • Nicholas Alamain (nephew, via adoption)
  • Tony DiMera (cousin, via adoption)
  • Shawn Brady Sr. (maternal uncle, deceased)
  • Pete Brady (maternal grandfather)
  • Eric Brady Sr. (maternal uncle)
  • Molly Brady (maternal aunt)
  • Patrick Aloysius Brady (maternal great-grandfather)
  • Nora Molly Brady (maternal great-grandmother)
  • Colin Murphy (maternal cousin, deceased)
  • Roman Brady (maternal cousin)
  • Kayla Brady Johnson (maternal cousin)
  • Kimberly Brady (maternal cousin)
  • Frankie Brady (maternal cousin, via adoption)
  • Max Brady (maternal cousin, via adoption)
  • Carrie Brady Reed (maternal cousin, once removed)
  • Eric Brady (maternal cousin, once removed)
  • Samantha Brady DiMera (maternal cousin, once removed)
  • Rex Brady (maternal cousin, once removed)
  • Cassie Brady (maternal cousin, once removed)
  • Andrew Donovan (maternal cousin, once removed)
  • Jeannie Donovan (maternal cousin, once removed)
  • Stephanie Johnson (maternal cousin, once removed)
  • Will Roberts (maternal first cousin, twice removed)
  • Alice “Allie” Caroline Horton (maternal first cousin, twice removed)
  • John Roman "Johnny" DiMera (maternal first cousin, twice removed; paternal first cousin, twice removed)
  • Stefano DiMera (paternal half-brother)
  • Andre DiMera (paternal half-nephew, deceased)
  • Renee DuMonde (paternal half-niece, deceased)
  • Megan Hathaway (paternal half-niece, deceased)
  • Benjy Hawk (paternal half-nephew, deceased)
  • Alexandra "Lexie" Carver (paternal half-niece)
  • EJ DiMera (paternal half-nephew)
  • Steven Hawk (paternal first cousin, twice removed)
  • Theodore "Theo" Brandon Carver (paternal first cousin, twice removed)


  • Marlena Evans (married 1986, 1999, 2002, 2006, and 2009)
  • Olivia Reed (close friends who shared a kiss)
  • Diana Colville (lovers, nearly married)
  • Isabella Toscano (married 1992)
  • Danielle Tremain, A.K.A. Romulus (lovers before he came to Salem)
  • Gina von Amburg (lovers before he came to Salem)
  • Yvette DuPres (close friends, shared a kiss)
  • Rebecca Morrison (dated)
  • Kristen Blake (lovers, nearly married)
  • Susan Banks (two invalid marriages in 1997 when she posed as Kristen, lovers when she posed as Kristen)
  • Hope Williams Brady (lovers when they were both brainwashed by Stefano)
  • Kate Roberts (lovers, briefly engaged)
  • Ava Vitali (lovers)

Crimes Committed:

  • Former Mercenary for hire
  • Art Thief while under Stefano’s control
  • Slammed Marlena’s head into a wall
  • Nearly killed Colleen Brady, as part of his required mission by Stefano
  • Tried to frame Philip Kiriakis for Paul Hollingsworth's "murder."
  • Bribed Paul Hollingsworth to delay Kiriakis shipments.

Character Description:

John first came to Salem after being given plastic surgery in Miami. He had no recollection of his past and no memory of who he was. John was initially known as “The Pawn” and soon ended up at the Rescue Mission, where he took his name off a Vietnam War Memorial plaque. He and Marlena became good friends after he took a job as a hospital security guard. He became more attracted to her as they spent more time together. The two soon found a file at Victor’s house which revealed that John had plastic surgery. They headed to West Virginia to meet the doctor who performed plastic surgery on John. Marlena suspected that John was really Stefano after she noticed his Phoenix tattoo on his shoulder. She tried to flee, but John ended up taking her hostage.

Marlena soon discovered before and after photos, which were of her presumed dead husband Roman Brady. The two were happily reunited and soon made love. John began living his life as Roman and returned to Salem. The two relished in their newfound happiness until Marlena fell off of a building after trying to save a suicidal patient. A month later, Roman and Marlena renewed their wedding vows in August of 1986.

Roman soon had a nemesis to deal with: Orpheus, who worked with Roman in the ISA previously. Orpheus blamed Roman for the death of his wife Rebecca and took revenge on Roman by kidnapping Marlena. Roman was able to rescue Marlena, but in December of 1986, Marlena was presumed dead when the Brady house exploded. Roman retreated to a mountain cabin to deal with Marlena’s death and met Olivia, Rebecca’s sister. Roman discovered Rebecca and Orpheus in a house where Marlena was being held captive. A struggle ensued, and Roman managed to shoot and kill Orpheus. Olivia revealed that Marlena was on a plane at the airport. Just as Roman arrived, Marlena’s plane took off and exploded. Marlena was presumed dead.


Roman met Diana Colville, and the two clashed over a joint FBI and ISA investigation regarding a computer disk that Victor Kiriakis was desperate to keep his hands on. Their investigation led to Greece, where they gave in to their passion and made love for the first time. Things got complicated when the “Lady in Black” kidnapped Diana and turned out to be her own mother, Serena Colville. The disk was recovered and Serena was sent to prison. Roman and Diana later learned that Victor and Serena had orchestrated a kidnapping of Serena in order to gain possession of Diana’s inheritance.

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