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Profile of Jeremy Horton


Profile of Jeremy Horton

Trevor Donovan (ex-Jeremy Horton)

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2007 NBC Universal

Previously Portrayed by:

Jeremy Allen (1989)
Jeffrey Clark (1989)
Trevor Donovan (June 1, 2007-October 17, 2007)

Past Occupations:

CEO of Touch the Sky Airlines
Air Force


Dr. Michael “Mike” Horton (father
Dr. Robin Jacobs (mother)

Other Relatives

William “Bill Horton (paternal grandfather)
Laura Spencer Horton (paternal grandmother)
Dr. Tom Horton Sr. (paternal great-grandfather)
Alice Grayson Horton (paternal great-grandmother)
Eli Jacobs (maternal grandfather)
Robert LeClair (maternal great-uncle)
Michael “Mickey” Horton Sr. (paternal great-uncle)
Marie Horton (paternal great-aunt)
Jennifer Horton (paternal aunt)
Lucas Roberts, A.K.A. Horton (paternal half-uncle)
Abigail “Abby” Devereaux (paternal cousin)
Jack Devereaux Jr. (paternal cousin)
Julie Olson Williams (paternal first cousin)
Hope Williams Brady (paternal first cousin)
Melissa Horton (paternal first cousin, via adoption)
Sarah Horton (paternal first cousin, via adoption)
Jessica Blake (paternal first cousin)
Shawn Douglas Brady (paternal second cousin)
Zack Brady (paternal second cousin, deceased)
Ciara Brady (paternal second cousin)
Nick Fallon (paternal second cousin)


Stephanie Johnson (lovers)
Chelsea Brady (brief flirtation)

Crimes Committed:

Car theft
Identity theft
Set up a fake charity to raise money for cancer kids, then took the money for himself
Sold European women into prostitution using Touch the Sky Airlines and designer clothes as a cover-up
Nearly drowned Stephanie in the Las Vegas hotel hot tub

Character Description:

Jeremy was born to respectable doctors Mike Horton and Robin Jacobs and spent much of his childhood in Israel. He met race-car driver Stephanie Johnson in Dayton, Ohio and became involved with her before returning to Salem. His obnoxious and selfish attitude towards Stephanie did not sit will with her cousin and best friend Chelsea Brady, who developed an instant dislike for the jerk.

Jeremy and his friend Jett Carver, whom he met in the Air Force, partnered together on a new venture called Touch the Sky Airlines, in which they transported high rollers to and from Las Vegas. Unbeknownst to Jeremy, Jett was working as an undercover ISA agent working to bring Jeremy down and to expose his dirty dealings. They recruited an eager Stephanie and a reluctant Chelsea as their scantily-clad flight attendants.

Jeremy recruited a lonely Max Brady to be the airline's financial backer. Jeremy’s corrupt boss Ty Rawlings got him involved in a side business smuggling designer clothes. Max became increasingly suspicious of the fortune he made through this investment, but Jeremy urged him to keep quiet and enjoy the profits.

As far as his relationship with Stephanie went, he treated her like dirt and pushed her aside and only played nice when he wanted something in return, like sex. Jeremy was caught off guard when Max discovered a woman named Ilsa sobbing on the couch at Bo and Hope’s house, with Jeremy ordering her around like a servant. Jeremy claimed he was cheating on Stephanie to cover up the fact that Ilsa was actually a European prostitute working for Jeremy and Ty.

Steve Johnson did a background check on Jeremy and discovered that the creep had a rap sheet a mile long, including car theft, identity theft, fraud, and numerous other crimes. He voiced his disapproval of the young Horton criminal to his daughter Stephanie, but a naive Steph chose to stand by her man and reminded Steve of some of the crimes he committed.

When Jeremy’s illegal dealings finally caught up with him, he swore to Max that he didn’t mean any harm to the European women and got in over his head with Rawlings. He displayed a softer side and it appeared that he really did love Stephanie after all. Rather than turn himself over to authorities, he chose to go on the run and hid at the Salem Inn Suite. Kayla discovered him and called the authorities, despite Stephanie’s protests. He professed to truly love Stephanie and asked her to run away with him, but she chose to stay behind after giving him her $1,000 savings.

Jeremy caught up to his cousin Nick, who reluctantly allowed Jeremy to hide out at his place. He finally turned over a new leaf when he bonded with Nick’s stepsons Artemis and DeMarquette, who even called him “Uncle Jeremy.” When a man named Umar Abboud came looking for Nick and the boys and accosted Nick, Jeremy came out of hiding and defended Nick and the boys. Jeremy garnered superhero status and scared Umar away. Chelsea was clearly impressed when she witnessed the once selfish Jeremy standing up for someone other than himself.

Nick summoned Aunt Maggie over to his apartment one day in an effort to urge Jeremy to do the right thing and turn himself over to the authorities. Maggie promised that his whole family would stand behind him. Despite her pleas, Jeremy left Salem on October 17, 2007 for parts unknown. To this day, no-one has seen or heard from him.

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