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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Nightmare of Monumental Proportions


On the Pier

Melanie tells Philip that if he wants to keep the fuels project at Titan, he just needs to make a simple gesture of good faith. “Meaning?” he asks. “Get rid of a certain somebody who doesn’t believe in you,” she proposes. Philip refuses to give up Stephanie for her. “Then your loss is E.J.’s gain,” she affirms. Philip warns her that she’s playing a dangerous game. Melanie insists that Stephanie won’t accept Philip for who he is and he’s about to blow everything for her. Philip notes how all Melanie’s done since her arrival in Salem is cause trouble, and everyone despises her. Melanie states that she accepts him for who he is and likes all of his sides, whereas Stephanie only likes the nice side of him. She encourages him to show Stephanie the door, and all of his worries about E.J. DiMera and the project will disappear. “And instead of having a girlfriend who judges you, you’ll have a lot of money and the respect of your father, and me, who likes you just the way you are,” she assures.

Philip remarks what a study Melanie she is with the totally insane things she says. Melanie predicts that Philip is getting bored of Stephanie really quickly and predicts that pretty soon he’ll be saying, “Stephanie who?” Philip refers to her as delusional for thinking that he’d get involved with a lying bitch like her. Melanie remarks how Steph looks a little nauseous whenever she’s with him and encourages him to do himself a favor and set her free. Philip gets in her face and threatens to do everything in his power to destroy her if she does anything to screw him or Titan over.

DiMera Mansion

E.J. enters the bedroom at home and notes that it’s a little early for Nicole to be in bed. She kisses him passionately and implores him to make love to her. E.J. points out that they can’t, since she just had a baby. A flustered Nicole agrees that it is too soon in the traditional sex. They laugh a bit before E.J. suggests they lie on the bed together and be “excruciatingly frustrated by one another.” She eagerly leads him over to the bed and pushes him down, then gets on top on him as E.J. laughs.

E.J. and Nicole are later half-naked on the bed after she has apparently satisfied him. They snuggle close as he expresses how good it is to hold and touch her. They hear Sydney awaken and she leaves the room to fetch a bottle. He sits up and briefly talks to Sydney before receiving a call from Roman. He wants to know what’s going on with Samantha, recalling how he told Johnny that his mother would be coming home soon and he burst into tears. Nicole emerges with a bottle and overhears. Roman informs E.J. that there’s a delay with Sami coming home, since the killer could’ve been working with other people and they’re just being cautious. He assures E.J. that he’ll call back when he knows more.

Afterwards, Nicole asks who he was talking to. E.J. confirms that it was Roman and he was just wondering when Samantha was coming home. Nicole acts less than thrilled to hear that the killer was caught and shot down at the hospital a few days ago. She gets into sarcastic mode and wonders why she would be upset, just because Sami will be coming home and Nicole will be an afterthought yet again. “In fact, I can’t wait for Samantha to come back to Salem and ruin my life! Hey, I’ll throw her a freaking party!” quips an outraged Nicole. E.J. doesn’t see how Samantha coming back will change anything, except for the fact that she’s Johnny’s mother. Nicole flashes back to begging Dr. Baker for Sami’s baby. She reminds him how Sami hates her and loves stirring up trouble. “I will not, under any circumstances, let Samantha come between us,” he affirms. He re-professes his love for Nicole and reminds her that Sami’s in the Witness Protection Program. Nicole questions if there was any drastic changes in Sami’s life, but E.J. has no clue. She picks Sydney up and E.J. takes her and feeds her. She grabs his phone and sees that Stefano’s calling. He suggests calling him back, but she encourages him to take the call while she feeds Sydney.

After E.J. goes outside the room, Nicole wonders how they’re going to keep Sami from ruining everything once she returns home. Nicole later lies in bed and calls out for E.J., then turns on the light and finds that Sydney’s not in her crib. E.J. comes back in the room with an angry look on his face holding Sydney in his arms. He warns her that something is very wrong, referring to it as “a nightmare of monumental proportions.” Nicole admits that he’s scaring her. E.J. warns her that she’s going to pay for what she did and he and Stefano will exact a terrible revenge upon her. He begins to walk off and she begs him to let her explain. He orders her to get her stuff and get out, asserting that he’s taking his baby to see her real mother. She cries and begs him to wait, then awakens from her nightmare. She vows that Sami will not break up her family.


Hope emerges from the board room and hands her badge over to Bo without saying a word. Bo expresses how sorry he is that this happened. “So am I,” responds a bitter Hope, who rehashes how she believed in his premonitions and he didn’t confide in her. Hope says she’ll never forgive herself for nearly killing Kayla. Bo offers to do whatever it takes on her behalf. Hope says there’s nothing he can do now, since they’ve made their decision. He professes to love her and refers to it as crazy if they let this situation come between them after everything they’ve been through. She insists that she can’t work things out right now. Bo wonders how many times he has to say he’s sorry. Hope believes sorry can’t fix things, desponding how for the rest of her life she’ll have to live with the image of Kayla lying on the floor, bleeding from her bullet. He doesn’t understand why she’s shutting her out, believing what they have together is worth fighting for. He urges her to give him the chance to make things right, asking her to come home with him. “If you won’t do it for me, do it for our daughter. Do it for Ciara,” he implores. Hope shrugs that she’s not ready and doesn’t know when she will be, then walks off.

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