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Lauren Koslow Interview

Kate Battles Back into the Business World on 'Days of Our Lives'


Lauren Koslow Interview

Lauren Koslow

Courtesy: Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

After months of being nothing more than window dressing at the DiMera mansion, Kate is finally getting back into the business world she craves on Days of Our Lives. Actress Lauren Koslow discusses her new storyline and the revival of Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics.

How do you feel about Kate returning to the business world?
I’m very excited about it. It was kind of a low point for me when I was doing a scene where Kate was sitting on the sofa with Stefano, and he actually turned to her and said, ‘You need to get a project.’ I thought, How did this ever happen? How did I just become someone who drifted in and out of the living room. I’m very excited to think that we’re going to be dealing with strong independent women -- working, struggling ...

Do you see Countess Wilhelmina as a perfect fit for Kate?
Yes. I love that this business is going to be tied into who Kate is. She’s all about the clothes and the look and the style and the glamour and the makeup. It’s kind of the perfect combination. Hearth and Home (Kate’s old TV show) was always a little difficult for me to understand. I mean, it was fine. I’m glad Kate had that, but that was less her. This is a lot more her.

It was hard to picture Kate doing anything Martha Stewart-like.
Actually, Lauren could do Hearth and Home, but not Kate. It’s not Kate’s thing.

What’s it been like working with Sarah Brown, who’s playing fellow business woman Madison James?
Interesting. We’re going to go up against each other. It’s a formidable battle. It’s always fun to work with new people. They bring a new dynamic to the show.

Are you eager to have another woman for Kate to do battle with?
I never think of Kate as out to fight another woman. It’s whoever it is, man or woman. I hope we keep the battle like that, and it doesn’t turn into that stereotypical [cat fight thing]. I hope it will be more than that, and I believe it will be.

Does the revival of Countess Wilhelmina mean a new office set?
Yes. I just had pictures taken in front of the colors for the wall, to see how it was going to look. I’m very excited about that. I love being surprised. Hopefully, [the set] is everything I’ve been told it’s going to be.

What about wardrobe? Will you be getting any new power suits?
Oh yes. Jayne Kehoe, our costume designer, does such a great job. She went out and bought [some new suits]. In fact, I’m wearing a Vivienne Westwood today that is just so hot. I got some new office clothes, and I’m excited about them.

It sounds like you wholeheartedly approve of this story turn. Do you think it will make Kate an even fuller character?
Kate’s definitely a challenging character. I love that about her. I’m always interested in her, because she is capable of almost anything. You never really know. Sometimes the character went to crazy places. Then, my challenge was to justify that and motivate it in my own head, so that when she came back to a central place, we could still keep it believable. I think now we’re back to one of those places. I believe more in this Kate, who is taking over, bringing back this company, and bringing it to the forefront. She’s doing battle for her company, for her family, and for her position in the world.

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