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Theresa Donovan Quick Profile


Theresa Donovan Quick Profile

Jen Lilley

Courtesy: NBC/Justin Lubin
From the minute she arrived in town and hooked up with bad boy JJ, one thing was clear: the mysterious Theresa was going to be trouble with a capital "T."

Things haven't changed -- if anything they've intensified -- since it's been revealed that Theresa is the daughter of former Salem supercouple Kimberly Brady and Shane Donovan.

Here are five things to know about Days of Our Lives' Theresa Donovan.

1. What's in a name?
She was named after her father Shane's mother Margaret, who went by the name Jeannie. But she's decided to shun both Margaret and Jeannie in favor of her middle name Theresa. Got that? Guess it could be worse, like if she decided to go by North or Apple.

2. Age appropriate
Theresa was born on September 3, 1990, which means the character hasn't been exposed to soap operas rapid aging syndrome. Theresa should be in her early 20s, and she actually is. Oddly, that actually makes her a daytime rarity.

3. Who's her daddy?
Not to worry, ISA agent Shane Donovan is her bio daddy, but that fact was in question when Theresa was born. Originally, everyone thought she was the product of a brief affair Kimberly had with Cal Winters, when she believed Shane had been killed on an ISA mission. Cal blackmailed a doctor to change Theresa's paternity test results. Eventually, Kimberly began to suspect something was amiss and concocted a story that her infant daughter had been hurt and needed a blood tranfusion to save her life. Cal finally 'fessed up that Shane was Theresa's real father.

4. She's a California girl
Theresa grew up living with her mom Kimberly in Los Angeles, which means she could have been a Valley Girl or a beach babe before moving to Salem. She was also exposed to the Hollywood high life for a while, courtesy of her mother's one-time fiance Phillip Collier, a movie producer.

5. Sister Act
Sarcastic, calculating, mischievous... Hmmmm, those qualities are reminiscent of another Donovan from the past: Theresa's half-sister Eve, a major brat who caused trouble galore in Salem from 1987 to 1991. Eve had issues with her stepmother Kimberly, just as Theresa has issues with her mom. Eve was a sexy flirt. Ditto for Theresa, who's cast JJ under her spell. Eve, however, was a prostitute. Fortunately, Theresa's only crime, so far, has been smoking pot.

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