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Days' Eric Martsolf Dishes Dark Brady's Return and Next Love Interest

No matter how bad things get in Salem the actor keeps his sense of humor


Days' Eric Martsolf Dishes Dark Brady's Return and Next Love Interest

Eric Martsolf

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
Days' Eric Martsolf Dishes Dark Brady's Return and Next Love Interest

Eric Martsolf

NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Days' Eric Martsolf Dishes Dark Brady's Return and Next Love Interest

Eric Martsolf Days Party

Courtesy: Getty Images/Toby Canham

Eric Martsolf has been down the doom and gloom romantic road before on Days of Our Lives. He's used to Brady Black being shafted, when it comes to love and anything resembling happiness. Hence, his character's latest mishap -- finding out that Kristen had sex with his stepbrother Eric, while they were at the altar ready to exchange “I Do's” -- came as no big surprise. Fortunately, Martsolf has a sense of humor about Brady's misfortunes, including suggestions for his character's theme song and nickname. Yet, he turns serious when he discusses where Brady goes from here - a dark downward spiral that he's voraciously exploring; and teases that there's a new love interest on the horizon.

Poor Brady has become the loser at love poster child. Have you ever thought about what the character's theme song might be?
Here I Go Again on My Own (by Whitesnake). Somebody also told me about a Rick Springfield song called What Kind of Fool Am I.

I've always thought it should be Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.
(Laughs.) I like that one better. Brady's been through the ringer. This guy is the most unlucky at love character in soap opera. I just can't understand why he can't find a  woman who will like him for who he is.

When you see debacles happening in the script, are you surprised or are you waiting for them to happen and thinking, I wonder how Brady will get shafted this time?
I would be lying to you if I said that that never crossed my mind, because happiness does not live in Brady's home for very long. Coincidentally, I have gotten the nickname Brady Black Widow, because the women never last very long with him. Arianna was hit by a car. Chloe turned into a prostitute. Madison died in an explosion. Kristen was in a car accident... It all blows up in his face.

Do you find yourself having to defend Brady?
I've gotten a lot of input from fans saying,  Why is Brady so stupid? The fact is if you've ever been in love before, you've worn rose-colored glasses and not seen the truth in front of you. He's just a guy that's in love. He wants it so badly that he appears to be oblivious to what's going on.

In this case, the reality is Kristen did love him.
As a matter of fact, he was the one person in town who realized that her love for him was true. It was real, so there was no idiocy to that. But she was a woman who would not change her ways and had an element to her that was not conducive with being in a long term relationship with anybody.

So what happens moving forward?
He's going to crumble. He's going down. This was one of the biggest betrayals that he's ever had happen to him. Obviously, he's going to take a giant fall, and he's an addict. So if you put two and two together. He's going to go to a very dark place.

Do you like going down that dark road? It means you won't have to shave.
(Laughs.) I love playing that. It's much more fun playing bad than good. I think any actor on soaps would venture to say that.

How does John's return factor into all this? And what are your thoughts on Drake Hogestyn's return to the show?
Drake is a good guy. He's a really decent human being. He deserves airtime. As far as Brady's position right now, it's only natural that his father would come back into the picture and try to pick up some of the pieces of this disaster. It's what any father would do for his son. I like that their relationship is not always hunky-dory. It's real.

As Brady embarks on this dark turn, will he be going solo or might there be a new love interest on the horizon?
I can preview that Brady is going to be looking to hop on some new lily pads. That's for sure.

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