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Profile of Melissa Reeves


Profile of Melissa Reeves

Melissa Reeves

Courtesy: NBC/Paul Drinkwater

Just the Facts:

Birth Name:
Melissa Brennan
Date of Birth:
March 14, 1967
Birth Place:
Eatontown, New Jersey
Astrological Sign:

Jennifer Horton Deveraux (1985 to 1995, 2000 to 2006, June 10 to July 9, 2010; November 2010 to present)

Acting Roles:

Shannon, Basic Training (2001)
Becki, Half a Dozen Babies (1999)
Heather, Summer Camp Nightmare (1987)
Denise, The Hitchhiker (1987)
Cathy, Highway to Heaven (1985)
Jenny, Hotel (1985)
Jade, Santa Barbara (1984-1985)
Georgina, Somewhere, Tomorrow (1983)


Wed husband Scott Reeves (Steve, General Hospital) on March 23, 1990; they have two children, Emily Taylor, born June 23, 1992, and Lawrence David, born August 4, 1997.


● Melissa’s comedic inspiration is Lucille Ball. “I’ve watched the I Love Lucy show every day of my life,” she says.
● Admits she’s “addicted to sewing,” after being taught by her mother-in-law. “I love to make quilts. I’ve made my kids so many,” shares Melissa.
● Loves antiques and searching for them at local flea markets.
● Is an avid runner, who always turns to the exercise whenever she needs to drop a few pounds and tone up.
● Upon filming her exit scene with Frances Reid in 2006, she admits they both knew, instinctually, that they’d never see one other again.


A native of Eatontown, New Jersey, Melissa originally dreamed of becoming a dancer and, as a child, traveled to New York daily to train with Phil Black. In time, she began studying theater at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Institute.

Melissa got her first onscreen break, when she appeared in the HBO movie Somewhere, Tomorrow with Sarah Jessica Parker. But her life forever changed upon receiving a call from her agent, informing her she had an audition for the NBC soap, Santa Barbara. She flew to Los Angeles and landed the role of Jade Perkins. The gig came to an end after a year, but Melissa was promptly offered the role of Jennifer Horton at Days of Our Lives.

It was while on Days of Our Lives that Melissa met her future husband Scott Reeves (ex-Jake Hogansen). The pair began dating after he left the show. Less that a year later, the couple married in Los Angeles. In 1992, they welcomed their first child, daughter Emily Taylor, and, in 1997, son Lawrence David.

In 1999, the husband and wife team co-starred in the ABC TV movie Half a Dozen Babies, a portrayal of real-life couple Keith and Becky Dilley’s successful delivery of sextuplets and the struggles of handling six babies at once.

Melissa and her family forsook Hollywood for a new life in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2006, where they lived on and tended to a five-acre farm. While there, Scott developed the country music duo Blue County with his good friend Aaron Benward. The popular duo traveled the country playing to fans across America, including a concert on the campaign trail for President George W. Bush.

Ultimately, the clan returned to California and their daytime roots. Scott signed on to play Dr. Steven Webber on General Hospital in 2009, while Melissa returned to her role as Jennifer on Days of Our Lives in 2010.

Melissa currently resides in Los Angeles with her family.

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