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January 21 - 25 DAYS Spoilers


January 21 - 25 DAYS Spoilers

Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Brady)

Mitchell Haaseth / Copyright 2007 NBC Universal

Monday, January 21:

Kayla is eager to tell Steve that she's ovulating. Thus, she is more than ready to make a baby with him. EJ and Sami continue to grow closer, but argue over protecting their son from Stefano. Sami refuses to be separated from her loved ones. John tries to escape the hospital by taking Marlena hostage. While trying to escape, John experiences flashes of Stefano erasing his memories. John successfully frees himself from his restraints. Marlena hopes she can trust John.

Tuesday, January 22:

Lucas tries to call Sami while Stefano is out of the jail cell. Sami goes into hiding. Lucas learns that Sami, EJ, and the twins are in hiding. Philip comforts Belle. Belle is feeling too ill to help find her daughter. Marlena refuses to give up on the love of her life. Marlena confides in Hope. Marlena is encouraged when John dreams about her. Terrell Tilford as Dr. Carrington makes his first appearance.

Wednesday, January 23:

Billie warns Nick how he's hurting Chelsea by keeping mum about Ford's disappearance. Chelsea wants to tell the cops about Ford, but Steph still wants to keep quiet. Steph tells the Theta girls to keep mum about their sexual encounters with Ford. Marlena and the new doctor use a truth serum on John in order to find out what Stefano did to him.

Thursday, January 24:

Shawn and Chloe team up and research Rob's Celtic tatoo in hopes that it will lead them to Claire. Marlena decides to confront Stefano when John doesn't open up about what he was programmed to do. Marlena admits the truth to Belle about John. Bo meets with Detective Sullivan regarding the Ford Decker case. Chelsea is unsuccessful at convincing the Theta girls to come clean about Ford and fears that Nick will end their relationship.

Friday, January 25:

John takes a test which reveals that he doesn't experience any emotions. In the psychiatric ward, Marlena questions John about his mission. Marlena injects her worst enemy with a truth serum. Stefano admits that John is programmed to seek revenge and destroy someone. Marlena is desperate to break through to John. Shawn finds Rob in Crystal's shop. Shawn attacks Rob and demands for him to give Claire back. Stephanie confesses her rape to Steve. Nick pressures Chelsea about Ford's death.

Additional Spoilers:

Steve and Kayla plan a passionate evening without any interruptions.

Belle ends up collapsing in the hospital.

Roman informs Marlena that she can no longer treat John.

Marlena plots her revenge against Stefano.

John experiences flashbacks of being in Rolf's lab strapped to a chair and attached to electrodes.

Dr. Carrington wants complete control over John's case and recommends the psychiatric ward.

Stephanie confesses her rape to the Theta girls.

Nick stands by his woman.

EJ warns Sami that Stefano's determined to take Johnny away and tries to convince her to run away with him.

Sami and EJ receive a "surprise" gift from Stefano, which unnerves them.

Abe arranges to send EJ and Sami to a safe house.

Hope tells Bo that she wants to rejoin the police force.

Stefano offers to get Lucas freed from jail, but only if he agrees to get Johnny away from EJ and Sami.

Philip holds Belle when she has nightmares about Claire.

Crystal watches Claire as she sleeps.

Billie shares her suspicions with Bo that something's up with Chelsea.

The dean warns Billie that if she's covering for Chelsea, then her job is on the line.

Stephanie fears that Ford will end up looking like the victim.

Chelsea pleads with the Theta girls to come clean.

Bo urges Chelsea to do the right thing.

Chelsea confesses Ford's death to Crawford, which horrifies Stephanie.

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